Divisions & Units

Mounted Division

The Sheriff’s Office has utilized the Mounted Division for over fifty years. This division is currently made up of 24 highly trained and dedicated Deputy Sheriffs who provide supplemental support to the Sheriff’s Department’s personnel resources in all divisions. The voluntary members serve the Office in many different capacities. One of the primary functions is to support our Uniform Services Division while on patrol or when additional personnel is necessary to augment the department’s response to an event. Mounted Deputies provide traffic control, security for community events around the county, and work with youth programs to promote safety. Each Deputy Sheriff receives specialized training prior to becoming a member of the Mounted Unit. Each member is required to meet minimum hours of training and participation of regularly scheduled events.

The Sheriff’s Office hires Mounted members one time per year if needed. Interested individuals can obtain an application here. Applicants must be 21 yrs of age, have a clean criminal history, and a good driving record. If you have questions or would like further information regarding the Mounted Division, please contact Captain TJ Baker (269) 467-9045 x281 or bakert@stjosephcountymi.org.