Court Security Policy

This administrative order is issued in accordance with Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 2000-1. The purpose of this order is to address the presence of weapons in court facilities.

It Is Ordered:

  • No weapons are allowed in any buildings used for official court business or used by judicial employees, including, but not limited to the Courts Building, the Historic Courthouse, the Annex I, and the jail.
  • All persons, their belongings, and all parcels are subject to screening by building security personnel for weapons.
  • Persons in violation of these rules may be detained, and may be subject to penalties for contempt of court.
  • This prohibition does not apply to any certified law enforcement officers, or to on-duty building security personnel; provided however, that no such persons shall possess any weapons while they are in these buildings for the purpose of participating as a party plaintiff or party defendant in litigation.
  • The Chief Judge of a court may, in the judge's discretion, grant a written exception to this policy to a specific person. Exceptions will expire when the issuing judge is no longer Chief Judge of a court. Copies of any exceptions made shall me maintained by building security staff, and be available to all judges and the County Administrator.
  • The term 'weapon' refers to firearms, knives, or any other items that could be used to incapacitate or inure persons, or reasonably cause fear of the same.
  • A warning sign shall be posted to entrances to all buildings covered by this order stating: "NOTICE! No firearms, knives, or other weapons are permitted in this building by joint order of the Chief Judges of St. Joseph County. All persons, belongings and parcels are subject to search as a condition of entry. Violators may be detained and may face penalties for contempt of court".