• DAY PASS: $4.00
  • ANNUAL PASS: $20.00

Entrance into any St. Joseph County Park requires a Vehicle Pass - this pass will get ALL INDIVIDUALS inside your vehicle into the park. You can either purchase a single use Day Pass or a low-cost Annual Pass which gets you into County Parks all year long! Your Vehicle Pass should always be displayed in your vehicle. Place Day Passes on your dashboard. Adhere Annual Passes to your windshield in the lower right hand corner. If you ride your bike or walk to a County Park, your entrance is no charge.

Purchase at a Park: Vehicle Day Passes and Annual Passes may be purchased at Cade Lake, Meyer Broadway, and Sand Lake during normal park hours when an attendant is present. All other parks and times, simply complete the vehicle pass form and deposit into the lock box.

Purchase at the Parks Department Office: Contact our office at 269/467-5519 to check office hours.