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Jury Information (45th Circuit Court)

The following information is a resource for the 45th Circuit Court. Information on 3B Jury Dury can be found under the 3B District Court - Jury Duty Information page.

As a juror you are being asked to perform one of the highest duties that is imposed on any citizen. That responsibility is to sit in judgment on the facts which will resolve civil disputes or determine guilt or innocence of persons charged with a crime. As jurors your function is to listen to the evidence produced during the trial and decide the case on its merit, as opposed to deciding it on sympathy or prejudice.

Your service will delegate to you certain powers of decision on human affairs which are not given to every citizen. It will place upon you important duties and grave responsibilities which will take your best talents of appraisal and judgment. Your duty requires that you be prompt, attentive, faithful to oath, considerate and tolerant of your fellow jurors, and sound and deliberate in your evaluations.

The Jury Clerk is available to hear and discuss any condition which makes your attendance impossible or impractical. Every effort will be made to see that your time is not wasted and every consideration will be given to avoid your discomfort, inconvenience, distress or embarrassment.

You should also understand that although most lawyers, prosecutors and judges are friendly people, you may not have any private contact or conversation with them during the course of the trial. Similarly, if you are selected for a trial, you are not to discuss the case with other jurors, family, friends, or anyone, prior to deliberation. This should not be regarded as aloofness but as a wise precaution against improper influence. It is the Court’s hope that these few introductory remarks will serve to make you feel at ease. We trust that you are sufficiently impressed with the importance of jury duty and that you will do your utmost to promote justice.

How You are Selected for Jury Duty

Selection of prospective jurors is randomly made by computer from St. Joseph County residents who have a valid Michigan driver’s license or State ID card.

For further information you can contact the Clerk’s General Division at (269) 467-5531.

Jury Duty Pay Information

First Full Day is $30.00; First Half Day is $15.00; Subsequent Full Day $45.00; Subsequent Half Day $22.50

Answering the call for jury service from State Courts on Vimeo.

There are local and national resources avialbe to help educate the public. MJI has a Jury Orientation video (a closed-caption version is also available) on their website located here: