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  • Centreville MI, 49032

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  • Centreville MI, 49032
  • Historic Courthouse - Second Floor
  • Phone: (269) 467-5525
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Property Tax FAQ

Q: If I don't pay my taxes, will I really lose my house and property?

A: Yes. If your taxes are delinquent for two years, that's it. You've lost the property.

Q: What is a delinquent tax?

A: A delinquent tax is a tax that has been forwarded to the County Treasurer for collection on March 1 of the year after it was due.

Q: What happens after the property is forwarded to the County Treasurer for collection?

A: The County Treasurer adds a 4% administration fee and interest of 1% per month. After one year, the property is forfeited to the County Treasurer.

Q: What does it mean for my property to be in forfeiture? Does that mean I lose my home?

A: No. Forfeiture is not foreclosure. If your property is in forfeiture, you have a year before it will be foreclosed. However, the interest and fees will be higher. After a property is forfeited, the interest rates go from 1% per month to 1.5% per month back to the date taxes became delinquent. A $175 fee is also added, plus other notification fees.

Q: What happens after my property is in forfeiture?

A: After a property has been in forfeiture for one year it will be foreclosed to the County Treasurer.

Q: What happens after my property is foreclosed? How do I get it back?

A: You cannot get your property back after it has been foreclosed. Foreclosure is final. Property that has been foreclosed will be sold by the County Treasurer at public auction.

Q: What if I can’t come up with all the money right now?

A: Even if you can’t pay your taxes all at once, you can still make partial payments. Make your check payable to St. Joseph County Treasurer. To ensure your payment is applied to your parcel, please write your parcel number on your check or money order and mail to P.O. Box 220, Centreville, MI 49032.

Q: Will partial payments keep my property from being foreclosed?

A: No. The forfeited year must be paid in full or the property will be foreclosed.