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Poverty Exemption

When granted, a Poverty Exemption may reduce the amount of city or township property taxes you have to pay. A Poverty Exemption may be granted through your city or township Board of Review. The property must be your Principal Residence. A Poverty Exemption needs to be applied for each tax year.

You must go through the Board of Review which meets in March. They have the authority to reduce your tax bill for the current year. They typically follow the Federal Poverty Limits set each year. Your township or city may be have an asset test that guides the Board in their decision. Start early - the application is detailed.

Your local assessor may help you fill-out the application to ensure it is complete.

Filing for a Homestead Tax Credit, with the State, is a requirement with this application.

Although it is not necessary to attend, you are encouraged to do so.

Contact your local unit of government Assessor for filing deadlines and any questions. Local unit of government Assessor contact information can be found in the Local Government Directory.

After completing the application, take the form to your assessor at least two (2) weeks before the Board of Review.