Fees for Annual Kennel Permits

Each kennel with less than 10 dogs
$ 50.00
Each kennel with 10 or more, but less than 25 dogs
$ 80.00
Each kennel with 25 or more dogs
$ 120.00

Dog License Fees

Michigan law requires that all dogs four months of age or older be licensed. Dog licenses are available beginning December 1st of each year for the next year (example: dog licenses for the year 2012 went on sale December 1, 2011) and are available through March 1.

Neutered/Spayed dog
$ 10.00
Unneutered/Unspayed dog
$ 20.00
After March 1st
$ 40.00

Proof of sterilization must accompany vaccination slip from veterinarian to obtain license. You must present a valid certificate of rabies vaccination for your dog(s) in order to receive a license.

Any person owning a dog that becomes 4 months of age at any time after the first day of March shall secure a license and pay the applicable fee as listed above.

How to Get a Dog License

In person: At the St. Joseph County Animal Shelter or the St. Joseph Treasurer's Office any time of the year. City, village, or township offices in St. Joseph County also sell dog licenses from December 1 until March 1.

By mail: Send a check or money order (no cash please) for the proper amount, (see the fees listed above) your pet's current certificate of rabies vaccination, proof of sterilization if applicable, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Online: Renewal dog licenses can be purchased online at

Licenses for new dogs must be purchased in person at the St. Joseph County Treasurer's Office or at Animal Control.

St. Joseph County Animal Control
652 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 252
Centreville, MI 49032

Rabies certificates will be returned with the new license.

Why Should You License Your Dog?

Licensing your dog is an important way to show you care for your pet. Dogs which are licensed are guaranteed to be free of rabies. Additionally, your dog's license number allows you to be identified and notified if your dog should stray and be picked up by Animal Control Officers. By licensing your dog on time, you pay the lowest possible licensing fees, and avoid potential fines for failing to license your dog.

Finally, you should license your dog because it is the law.