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SSSPP Program

Through a grant from State Court Administrative Office (SCAO), the Swift and Sure Sanctions Probation Program (SSSPP) is in the fourth year of implementation. This intensive probation program is intended to defer high-risk defendants from prison through counseling, substance abuse treatment, and other forms of rehabilitation, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This program is a collaborative between the Michigan Department of Corrections, St. Joseph County Community Corrections, Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services of St. Joseph County, the Twin County Community Probation Center and Day Reporting Center, the St. Joseph County Sheriff's Department, and many other treatment providers. The design of the program funnels participants through four phases of intensive supervision, drug and alcohol testing, treatment, and clinical case management to allow participants an opportunity to gain necessary skills for the prevention of recidivism. Program violations result in immediate sanctions, which are a proven component of an effective probation.