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Contact Information:
  • PO Box 189
  • Centreville MI, 49032

  • 45th Circuit Court
  • 125 W. Main St.
  • Centreville MI, 49032
  • Courts' Building - Second Floor
  • Phone: (269) 467-5542
  • Fax: (269) 467-5628

45th Circuit Court

St. Joseph County Circuit Court records date back to the 1830's.

The circuit courts are Michigan’s major trial courts – courts of general jurisdiction. Most of the cases handled in these courts are classified as cases of original jurisdiction, that is, they have not been heard in any other court.

In some instances, though, the circuit judges deal with cases that were decided previously in a district or probate court but were appealed by one of the parties.

Some of the kinds of cases heard in Circuit Court are:

  • General Civil - Lawsuits for judgment of $25,000 or more, property disputes, negligence, malpractice, personal injury, Personal Protection Order, appeals from other agencies such as Secretary of State, MESC, Parole Board, etc.
  • Criminal - Felonies and misdemeanor cases that could have a sentence of 1 year or more.


Department Contacts

Hon. Paul Stutesman, Circuit Judge
(269) 467-5542
Lindsay Oswald, County Clerk - 45th Circuit Court Division
(269) 467-5602
Kathy Griffin, Court Administrator/Case Flow Manager
(269) 467-5542
Samantha Overholt, Court Secretary/Recorder
(269) 467-5542