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Civil Division

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The Civil Division processes Civil suits, Small Claims cases, Landlord-Tenant disputes and Land Contract cases. The Court handles civil suits up to $25,000 while Small Claims cases provide an inexpensive forum for resolving money disputes up to $5,500.

Filing Fees

Landlord Tenant & Land Contract Forfeiture:

1. Complaint Only $55.00
2. Complaint with claim for money damages:  
  a.) Does not exceed $600 $90.00
  b.) Exceeds $600 however not $1,750 $110.00
  c.) Exceeds $1,750 however not $10,000 $130.00
  d.) Exceeds $10,000 $215.00
3. Order of Eviction or Writ of Restitution $15.00

Small Claims:

1. Claim does not exceed $600 $43.65
2. Exceeds $600 however not $1,750 $63.65
3. Exceeds $1,750 $83.65

Note: Add an additional $13.65 mailing fee for EACH Defendant listed on the claim.

Civil Cases:

1. Does not exceed $600 $35.00
2. Exceeds $600 however not $1,750 $55.00
3. Exceeds $1750, however not $10,000 $75.00
4. Exceed $10,000 $160.00

Claim and Delivery Fee ($75.00):

1. Does not exceed $600 $110.00
2. Exceeds $600, however not $1,750 $130.00
3. Exceeds $1,750 however not $10,000 $150.00
4. Exceeds $10,000 $235.00

Note: Fees shall be waived or suspended if the person is receiving public assistance or is determined by the court to be indigent.

Other Fees: MCR 2.119(G):

Motion Fee $20.00
Writ of Garnishment $15.00
Execution against Property $15.00
Subpoena-asset discovery only $15.00
Jury Fee $50.00

Note: A motion fee of $20.00 shall be assessed for all motions filed in civil actions, regardless of the amount in controversy. Such as “Installment Payment Orders”.

Order of Eviction

After receiving a Judgment for Possession, Landlord must wait the statutory 10 days or the agreed move out day before filing the APPLICATION AND ORDER OF EVICTION DC (107) with District Court. This applies whether is a Demand for Non-payment of rent, Termination of Tenancy, Foreclosure, etc.

Need to file:

  1. Application and Order of Eviction
    A blank order of eviction available for DOWNLOAD - please contact an attorney or for assistance in completing the form.
  2. Filing Fees of $15.00

Review form, it should contain:

  • Case number
  • Court address, P.O. Box # and telephone number
  • Plaintiff name, address, and telephone number
  • Defendant name(s) and address(es)
  • Date when Judgment was received
  • Must state if any money was received and under what conditions if complaint indicate rent was due.
  • Date and Plaintiff’s or Plaintiff attorney’s signature.

Orders of Eviction are high priority, can be enforced immediately if the Landlord chooses to do so. (CATO COMPANIES are the only ones in the county to enforce them right away) However landlord has 56 days from issuance to enforce them.

South West Legal Services delivers the Order to the premises, service is done by Personal service or posting, officer would leave along with the ORDER, a 24 hour notice to move out; officer would determine if tenants are in process of moving, have vacated or still in possession, officer then contact landlord or attorney’s office to schedule the eviction.