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Leonidas Township

To view the Recorded Plat, click on the Subdivision Name.

To view the Associated Property Tax Map, click on the Quarter Section.

Subdivision Name Unit Num T/R Section Qtr Section Qtr-Qtr Section
Assessor's Plat Leonidas 008 037 5S-9W 16 SE SE
Assessor's Plat Leonidas 008 037 5S-9W 21 NE na
Assessor's Plat Leonidas 008 037 5S-9W 22 NW W 1/2
Driftwood 008 040 5S-9W 34 SE SW
Driftwood #2 008 040 5S-9W 34 SE W 1/2
Driftwood #3 008 040 5S-9W 34 SW E 1/2
Case Lots 4 thru 11 008 039 5S-9W 35 SE SE

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