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* Park Township Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
(269) 496-4515
* Parks and Recreation

The St. Joseph County Park Commission strives to offer beautiful, natural parks for the residents, visitors, and wildlife of St. Joseph County. Our goal is to provide visitors with the best recreation experience possible, in parks that capitalize on and protect our County’s unique natural resources.

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(269) 467-5519
* Parks and Recreation Commission
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-5519
* Passport
Register of Deeds
(269) 467-5552
* Personal Protection Order (PPO)
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602
* Pet Care
Animal Control
(269) 467-6475
* Planning Commission
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-5617
* Platt and Condo Maps
Register of Deeds
(269) 467-5552
* Polling Sites
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602
* Private Industry Council
Boards and Commissions
(269) 385-0454
* Probate Court

Probate Court handles various types of cases including: adoptions, mentally ill matters, protective orders, and guardianships.

(269) 467-5538
* Prosecuting Attorney

The Prosecuting Attorney is the chief law enforcement official for St. Joseph County. The Prosecutor’s office is responsible for prosecuting criminal offenses and juvenile delinquency cases. Child abuse and neglect cases, as well as contested mental health commitment hearings are additional responsibilities of this office.

(269) 467-5547
* Public Works
See Board of Public Works
(269) 467-5576
* Purchasing
Central Services
(269) 467-5554



* Register of Deeds

The office is the official recording and filing office for all legal documents affecting real and personal property. The Register of Deeds is also Chairman of the County Plat Board, which reviews and gives final approval to all subdivisions in the county.

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Uniform Commercial Code and Fixture Filings

(269) 467-5552
* Registering to Vote
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602
* Road Commission
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-6393



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St. Joseph County

PO Box 189
Centreville, Michigan 49032
(269) 467-5500

Government Information

Historic Courthouse
125 W. Main St.
Centreville MI, 49032
*Driving Directions

Hours: M-F, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
*Closed on County Holidays

Phone Number: (269) 467-5500
Fax Number: (269) 467-5628
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