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Subject Contact Number


* Fabius Township Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
(269) 244-5376
* Fawn River Township Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
(269) 651-5823
* Finance

The Finance Department is the financial support of County accounting functions, responsible for the preparation and record keeping of payroll for County employees, payments to vendors for goods and services, and collection of outstanding receivables owed to the County.

(269) 467-5631
* Florence Township Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
* Flowerfield Township Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
(269) 646-9121
* Forms
Downloadable county forms in PDF format.

* Friend of the Court

Related Subjects:
Accounting and Electronic Fund Transfer
Domestic Relations Attorneys
Parenting Policy PDF
Support Enforcement
Support Modification
Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

(269) 467-5570



* Genealogy Search
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602
* Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.)
Land Resource Centre

The Geographic Information Systems (or simply put, property mapping) maintains the property ownership boundaries for nearly the entire County. Other maps such as zoning, soils, hydrology (water to the rest of us), topology, aerial photography, and the County's road network are also available.

(269) 467-5576



* History
St. Joseph County by John Marvin.
* Home Page

* Homeland Security
See Emergency Service/Homeland Security

Related Subjects:
Local Planning Team - Homeland Security Grant (Boards and Commissions page)

(269) 467-9045
ext. 233
* Human Resources

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to develop, establish and maintain policies and programs that ensure the successful recruitment, employment and retention of a diverse, well-qualified workforce to serve the citizens of St. Joseph County.

Related Subjects:
Employment Opportunities

(269) 467-5675
* Human Services Commission
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-1298



* Information Technology

The St. Joseph County Information Technology Department provides effective planning, operation, and control of advanced technology resources for County departments.

(269) 467-5509



* Jail
Sheriff's Department
(269) 467-9045
* Jury Board
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-5602
* Jury Selection
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602
* Juvenile Divsion

The Juvenile Division of the Family Court handles various types of cases including juvenile delinquencies, status offenses, and neglect and abuse cases.

(269) 467-5561



* Kennel License
Animal Control
(269) 467-6475



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St. Joseph County

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Centreville MI, 49032
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