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Subject Contact Number


* Absentee Voter Ballot
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602
* Administration

The Administrator/Controller is the chief administrative and fiscal officer for St. Joseph County government and is appointed and accountable to the Board of Commissioners.

(269) 467-5617
* Aerial Photography
Land Resource Centre
(269) 467-5576

* Agencies, Boards & Commissions
Boards and Commissions

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Current Board Openings
Current Board Members PDF
Agricultural Preservation Board
Board of Public Works
Central Dispatch (911) Policy Board
Commission on Aging
Community Corrections Advisory Board
Community Health Agency
Community Mental Health Board
Comprehensive Traffic Safety Commission
Department of Human Services Board
Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors
Election Board of Canvassers
Human Services Commission
Jury Board
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Local Planning Team - Homeland Security Grant
Parks & Recreation Commission
Planning Commission
Road Commission
Solid Waste Management Planning Committee
Transportation Authority Board
Veterans' Affairs
Workforce Development Board/Private Industry Council



* Agendas
Downloadable Board of Commissioners meeting agendas in PDF format.



* Agricultural Preservation Board
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-5522
* Animal Adoption
Animal Control
(269) 467-6475
* Animal Control

The St. Joseph County Animal Control provides a variety of enforcement, educational, and animal disposition services including dog licensing, cruelty and complaint investigation and animal adoption.

(269) 467-6475
* Application for Employment PDF
Human Resources

Downloadable PDF file.

(269) 467-5675
* Assumed Name
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602



* Birth Certificate
County Clerk
(269) 467-5602

* Board of Canvassers
County Clerk

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Election Board of Canvassers (Boards and Commissions page)

(269) 467-5602
* Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners of St. Joseph County is the legislative body and discharges its duties as required by federal and state law.

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Board of Commissioners Meeting Agendas
Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes

(269) 467-5617
* Board of Public Works
Boards and Commissions
(269) 467-5576
* Boater Safety
Sheriff's Department
(269) 467-9045
* Building and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance, custodial, and grounds care of eight County buildings.

(269) 467-5555
* Burr Oak (Village of) Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
(269) 489-5258
* Burr Oak Township Government Contacts
Local Government Contacts
(269) 489-5258



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