Divisions & Units

Criminal Investigation

The Criminal Investigations Division encompasses what was at one time the Detective Bureau and the Narcotics Unit. Detectives are members of the St. Joseph County Major Crimes Task Force and designated to investigate incidents such as homicide, rape and robberies. Detectives are assigned to assist the Uniformed Services Division with criminal cases depending upon the type of crime. They are assigned their own cases that are more frequently Criminal Sexual Conduct and fraud cases.

Detectives have received specialized training in modern investigative techniques and interview and interrogation methods. They are task with major case organization and presentation for criminal prosecution.

The Narcotics Unit represents all Law Enforcement agencies in St. Joseph County. It is commonly known by the St. Joseph County Area Narcotics Unit or SCAN. The Sheriff’s Office supervises the unit and has 2 investigators assigned on a full time bases. Most recently the Three Rivers Police Department had 1 investigator assigned full time, and other agencies contribute resources on a limited bases.

The SCAN unit was organized in 1990 and investigates the sales and manufacture of controlled substances that have included Heroin, LSD, Cocaine, and marijuana. Methamphetamine is now the local drug of choice. Most offenders who use meth, normally manufacture their own. This manufacturing process generates hazardous chemicals that have the potential to be dangerous to humans and the environment.

SCAN investigators are not only trained in the latest techniques for narcotics investigation they have specialized training in the manufacture of methamphetamine the chemicals involved and how to properly package and dispose of the chemicals.