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Support Modification

If you are a party to a domestic relations case and a final judgment has been entered, you have the right to request a review of child support or health insurance, provided three years have passed since entry of the last support order. Request a review by sending the "support review request” form on this website to the Friend of the Court office. Within 14 days of the date the office receives your request, they will determine if your case is eligible for a review. The Friend of the Court office is not required to investigate more than one request every three years.

Within six months of starting a review, the office will send notice, conduct the review, and obtain modification of the order, if appropriate.

The parties have 21 days to object to a support recommendation issued by the office. If no objection is timely filed, the recommendation becomes the new support order. If an objection is filed, the case will be set for a settlement conference, or if appropriate, for a hearing before the court.