November 05, 2016
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Justin Payne in Concert
November 05, 2016 - Time: 8:00pm
Riviera Theatre
Three Rivers • MI
Over-throwing the musical and artistic establishment of the United States through underground circulation of music, shows, and cooperation. A revolution of the heart and mind. Justin Payne tours the land bringing with him a troubadour's soul and a seasoned musician's skills. Justin spends a lot of time observing, contemplating, writing, singing, and playing with a mission: to undermine contemporary American culture with guerrilla tactics and street-level, face to face performances. None of the tried-and-true methods of exposure and advancement for artists are untainted by corporate cash, and thus cultural cancer. When the game is rigged, and all of the roads to sharing your art and a modicum of social and financial stability are blocked to you because you're either too smart, or not a size 00, the only answer is to cut your own path, to revolt and burn down what is not working anymore, just like those that came before us in equally desperate times. Justin sings his songs like they're the last ones he'll ever get to sing, pouring passionate performances into his shows.