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Contact Information:
  • PO Box 339
  • Centreville MI, 49032

  • Emergency Services/Homeland Security
  • St Joseph County Sheriff's Office
  • 650 E Main St.
  • Centreville MI, 49032
  • Phone: (269) 467-9045 ext 281
  • Fax: (269) 467-6201
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Emergency Services/Homeland Security

The mission of Emergency Services/Homeland Security is to keep the County Disaster Plan updated, to provide training to the general public, elected officials of all units of government within the County, and the emergency responders of the County related to any event or disaster that we are susceptible to. Emergency Services is the liaison to State and Federal resources that may be requested to respond to the needs of the population of the County.

Preparedness and planning is important for businesses, communities, families, and individuals. There are several resources available to help with building a toolkit and learning more about how to prepare for a disaster before one happens.

Reporting suspicious activity is also an important component of homeland security. Emergencies should always be reported to 9-1-1, but to learn more about for non-emergency suspicious activity reporting, visit

Terrorism Response/Weapons of Mass Destruction training and awareness are the responsibility of the emergency services/homeland security department. This includes providing and updating a terrorism response plan for emergency service providers within the County.

For more information pertaining to Emergency Services/Homeland Security, please contact Director Erin Goff at (269) 467-9045 ext 225.

Department Contacts

Erin Goff, Emergency Manager
(269) 467-9045 ext 225