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* St. Joseph County by John Marvin:
* Introduction
* Costly Victory
* Changing Times
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St. Joseph County

by John Marvin


Changing Times

Today, people coming in numbers far exceeding the Shawnees of old, are welcomed to the present Happy Hunting Grounds for St. Joseph County has food, sport and fun enough to care for armies of happiness seekers.

Today, the wilderness is gone and the bumpy, miry, winding Native American trail has become a smooth, straight pavement. There are easy roads, leading to the lakes, roads through regions that were almost impassable, even to the Native Americans, in wilderness days. And the visitor today has far more to see of beauty and charm. The former landscape, mainly of woods and swamps has been replaced with woods and greenery which discloses the rolling country and glimpses of lakes and streams which were hidden from stagecoach travelers in the olden days.

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St. Joseph County, MI Statistics

Founded: 1829
County Seat: Centreville

Total - 521 square miles
Water - 23 square miles

Population (2010 Census):
61,295 people
23,244 households
16,275 families