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Register of Deeds

Lindsay OswaldLindsay Oswald
St. Joseph County
Clerk/Register of Deeds

All services provided by the Register of Deeds office are offered by appointment at this time. Our office is closed from 12-1 p.m.

If you are planning on visiting the office during that time you may want to call ahead to conform that the office is open.

Register at for property alerts. The system can notify you if something with your name is recorded with the County Register of Deeds.

The people of St. Joseph County are welcome at all times to contact the Register of Deeds. We will be pleased to give you any information or assistance that we can, and/or show you how your records are kept. Keeping your valuable records safe is our responsibility. If in doubt about your title or other information concerning your land holdings see an attorney or a title company.

The Register of Deeds is an elected official whose term of office is four years. The duties of the Register of Deeds are prescribed by state law. The office is the official recording and filing office for all legal documents affecting real and personal property. The Register of Deeds is also Chairman of the County Plat Board, which reviews and gives final approval to all subdivisions in the county.

What We Do

Your Register of Deeds is responsible for recording, indexing and maintaining the records of all deeds, mortgages, liens, and other legal documents affecting real estate in St. Joseph County, along with many other miscellaneous legal documents. The Register of Deeds also files, indexes, and maintains fixture filings on personal property (real estate only) filed under the UCC Commercial Code.

The Register’s office provides customer service to St. Joseph County residents and businesses (credit bureaus, lending institutions, attorneys, title companies, insurance companies, realtors) in the county and surrounding areas. The records in the Register of Deeds office are used extensively by many of these businesses to assist in making financial decisions. Some of the services, in addition to the daily customer service provided by the Register of Deeds office are typed lien searches, typed Commercial Code searches (original recordings prior to July 1, 2001), record copying and mortgage reporting.

We record all your valuable Real Estate Instruments, all Fixture Filings, and types of documents relating to the interests and transfers of property, including: deeds, mortgages, land contracts, financing statements and other liens. This office does not prepare documents, does not supply forms, and we do not answer legal questions. Please contact an attorney if you need legal assistance.

Department Contacts

Lindsay Oswald, Register of Deeds
(269) 467-5552
Gina Everson, Deputy Register
(269) 467-5552
Tracie Hinkley, Deputy Register
(269) 467-5553

Register of Deeds Recording Fee Payments

  • A service fee of 3% will be charged for using the GovPayNet method.
  • To pay with a debit/credit card by PHONE, call (888) 604-7888 or follow the instructions.
  • You will need your case number.
  • The Pay Location Code for the Register of Deeds Office is 7019

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