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*Burr Oak Township
*Colon Township
*Constantine Township
*Fabius Township
*Fawn River Township
*Florence Township

*Flowerfield Township
*Leonidas Township
*Lockport Township
*Mendon Township
*Mottville Township
*Nottawa Township

*Park Township
*Sherman Township
*White Pigeon Township
*City of Sturgis
*City of Three Rivers


Burr Oak Township

Burr Oak Township Cemetery
Findley Cemetery - Religious
Sanborn Cemetery
Tobey Cemetery
Sexton: Rich Ultz (269) 489-2860

Section 22, Highland Avenue
Section 4, Findley Road
Section 14, Middle Colon Road
Section 30, Big Hill Road, Sturgis

Colon Township

Lakeside Cemetery
South Colon (Eberhard) Cemetery
Sexton: Doug Thaxton @ 269-832-2200 OR Paul Osthoff @ 269-275-3986

Section 10, Farrand Road
Section 25, N. Burr Oak Road


Constantine Township

Brick Chapel Cemetery
Broad Street Cemetery
Constantine Cemetery
Stengel Cemetery
Sexton: Erin & Randy Arnett (269) 435-8385

Section 10
Section 12
Section 24
Section 21


Fabius Township

Beadle Cemetery - Abandoned
Sexton: Annette Ashby (269) 279-2727

Morrison Cemetery - Inactive
Sexton: Gerald Johnson (269) 244-5837

Saint Gregory Cemetery
Sexton: Father William Forrest

Section 10, Shady Point Road

Section 34, Harder Road

Section 4, Mohney Lake Road


Fawn River Township

Fawn River Cemetery
Sexton: Harley Fager (269) 651-6415

Freedom Cemetery - Inactive
Social Welfare Cemetery - Inactive
Sexton: Judith Quirin (269) 651-6951

Section 10, Fawn River Road

Section 3, US 12 (South Side)
Section3, US 12 (North Side)


Florence Township

Calhoun Cemetery
Peek Cemetery
Oak Grove Religious Mennonite Cemetery
Sexton: Allissa Bowers (269) 435-8760

Section 15, Banker Street
Section 7, Constantine Street
Section 14, Klinger Lake Road


Flowerfield Township

Flowerfield Cemetery
Howardsville Cemetery
Knobs Cemetery - Inactive
Lower Flatbush Cemetery
Upper Flatbush Cemetery - Inactive
Sexton: Bill Kruger (269) 271-0779 - Cell

52759 Creglow Road, Marcellus, MI 49067

Section 1, Flowerfield Road
Section 21, Creglow Rd. & M216
Section 30, Day Road
Section 36, Mt. Zion Road
Section 26, Floating Bridge Road


Leonidas Township

Banta or Blossom Cemetery
Beard Cemetery
Factoryville Cemetery
Leonidas Cemetery
Sexton: Donny Overholt (269) 496-7328

Section 35, S. Shannon Road
Section 5, N. Summit
Section 21, Shorts Road
Section 21, North Fulton Road


Lockport Township

Culbertson Family Cemetery

Section 1, Privately Owned


Mendon Township

Dutton Cemetery
Mendon Cemetery
Scotts Cemetery (Doans)
St. Edwards Cemetery
Sexton: Matt Everson (269) 496-8920 or Cell (269) 506-1731

Section 4
Section 28
Section 19
Section 27


Mottville Township

Mennonite Cemetery - Inactive
Mottville Township Cemetery
Sexton: Vince Schroen (269) 483-7055

Section 19, State Line Road
Section 7, M103 South


Nottawa Township

Babcock Cemetery
Laird Cemetery
Nottawa Cemetery
Old Centreville Cemetery - Inactive
Pioneer Cemetery - Inactive
Prairie River Cemetery
Sexton: Larry Brueck (269) 467-7423

Section 24
Section 2
Section 35
Section 19, N. Dean
Section 16
Section 19, N. Nottawa


Park Township

Center Park Cemetery
Moorepark Cemetery
North Park or Mint Cemetery
Parkville Cemetery
South Park Cemetery
Sexton: Dan Miller (269) 506-1435

Section 28, Moorepark Road
Section 20, Moorepark Road
Section 3, Mint Road
Section 26, Moorepark Road
Section 35, Heimbach Road


Sherman Township

Sherman or Salem Cemetery
Sexton: Laura Schwartz (269) 503-8324

Section 17


White Pigeon Township

White Pigeon Township Cemetery
Sexton: Vince Schroen (269) 483-7055

Section 1, W. Vermont Street


City of Sturgis

Oaklawn Cemetery
Sturgis Memorial Gardens
Sexton: Rick Bir (269) 659-7245

S. Nottawa Street
E. Fawn River Road


City of Three Rivers

Riverside Cemetery
Sexton: Amy Roth (269) 273-1845
Assistant Sexton: John Ash (269) 273-2821

Jefferson Street


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