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County Clerk: Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW)

Concealed Weapons Licensing Board

The Board is responsible for review and approval or disapproval of applications for concealed weapons licenses. It is comprised of a representative from the Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the Michigan State Police, and the Sheriff's Department. The County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the Board, but does not approve or disapprove applications.


Concealed Pistol Application and Instructions

CCW 2002 PA719. Effective 7/1/03 . Makes the following changes to the CCW law:

Increases the application fee both new and renewal to $105.00, which covers all costs, including fingerprinting. Checks or money orders are made payable to the County Clerk's office.
Increases the CCW license term from 3 to 5 years.

A complete copy of the new CCW law is available at your local library or on the internet at: www.michigan.gov/msp



* $105.00 at time of filing.

Concealed pistol application kits are provided during normal business hours by the following:

* County Sheriff
* Local Police Agencies
* County Clerk

Concealed pistol application kits are free of charge to individuals who wish to apply for a license to carry a concealed pistol.

Concealed pistol application kits include the following:

* Written procedure to obtain a concealed pistol permit
* Application form
* Written procedure to appeal and the appeal process form if denied a concealed pistol permit
* Fingerprint card (fingerprints taken by the local Sheriff's Department)
* Reference numbers for current pistol safety training entities


Processing Application & Renewals

* Applicant files their application with the County Clerk in the county in which the individual resides. This must include:

* A copy of the certificate of completion of the pistol safety training course (not needed for renewals)
* A passport quality photograph. This can be taken at the County Clerk's Office. The fee is $6.00.

* Applicant pays fee of $105.00 to the County Clerk at the time of filing.
* Applicant receives a receipt for payment.
* Applicant provides receipt to the Sheriff's Department indicating application fee payment.
* Applicant has fingerprints taken by the Sheriff's Department.
* Sheriff Department forwards fingerprints to the Michigan State Police for processing.
* Once County Gun Board receives the fingerprint comparison report and FBI clearance, they will issue or deny the license. The St. Joseph County Gun Board meets the second Tuesday of each month.

For more information, visit www.michigan.gov/msp

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